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Chiang Kai-shek Killed Millions of Chinese People


After the occupation of Nanking, the Japanese troops pursued Chiang Kai-shek. But in 1938, for the purpose of blocking the Japanese advancing path, Chiang ordered his troops to blow up an embankment of the Yellow River to collapse it, knowing many Chinese farmers around the river would be killed by that.
At the time there was also a heavy rain, and it became a very tragic incident that the water covered 11 cities and about 4,000 villages, killing about 1 million Chinese people. Besides, another 6 million people also died because the course of the Yellow River was changed by this artificial disaster, and around the river occurred a terrible famine. Moreover, Chiang troops began to plunder in the stricken area, being troubled with a lack of food.
By this disaster, no Japanese soldiers died, but only the Chinese people were killed. Being surprised to see this tragic incident, the Japanese troops began to help those still alive, gave them medical treatment, took preventive measures against communicable diseases, and rebuilt the embankment. Thus, while Chiang's troops were killing the Chinese people, the Japanese troops were saving the Chinese.
Chiang also started to spread propaganda that this disaster was caused by the Japanese, but later, the foreign press found out it was Chiang's lie. Besides, Chiang stated he was pleased to have blocked the Japanese advance for half a year. In his mind he had no concern for Chinese compatriots. Alas, what was his war for? Chiang Kai-shek whom the USA supported was such a man.
The common practice of Chiang's troops, as well as of Mao Zedong's troops, were plundering everywhere they went, and destroying roads, factories, watering facilities, etc., not to leave any of them for the Japanese. So, the Chinese economy was greatly damaged by them, and farming and industries were destroyed here and there. The most miserable were farmers who comprised most of the Chinese population.
In contrast, the Japanese troops, who came there, struggled to save the farmers from the very beginning and rebuilt the Chinese economy. The big battles between the Chinese troops and the Japanese ones ended after about one year and a half, and the Japanese occupied about 40 % of the Chinese population and 54 % of the arable land. The Japanese immediately began to rebuild the farming, roads, factories, watering facilities, etc. That surprised the Chinese farmers because it was the first time they had ever seen such saving military forces. The true People's Liberation Army was the Japanese army, not the Chinese one.
That is why there still are aged Chinese people who speak well of the Japanese of those days, even under today's anti-Japanese policies of the Chinese government.
Already in 1938, the Japanese government spoke about the recovery plan of Chinese agriculture, and carried it out. And as a result, farming in the areas which the Japanese occupied made a rapid recovery and progress, as well as light and heavy industries. Japan spent a large amount of money of about 4.7 billion yen in total during 1938-1945 at a time when the Japanese national yearly budget was 2 billion yen. This was not spent for the war, but to save the Chinese.


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